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24,59 EUR*
Details Clifford Curzon und das Budapest Quartet

Œuvres de Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak & Grieg / Clifford Curzon, piano

20,39 EUR*
Details #Clifford Becher von WeDoMugs

Dieser Becher-Funktionen #Clifford

20,50 EUR*
Details Haus Ugbrooke Chudleigh Devon Von Clifford

Haus Ugbrooke Chudleigh Devon Von Clifford Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art ----------. Ugbrooke Chudleigh Devon Home Of Clifford Old Full Colour Print . From Picturesque Views Of Seats Of The Noblemen Of Great ...

13,70 EUR*
Details Schwarz-Stange Clifford Usher SchulKinderheim 1877

Schwarz-Stange Clifford Usher SchulKinderheim 1877 1877 Clifford Usher Black-Rod School Children'S Home A Page Of Victorian Social History From . Wood Engravings From One Of The Following . The Graphic, Or The Illustrated London News, Size Is Aprox 15 ...

25,60 EUR*
Details Sudan-Fortschritt Clifford Moorhouse befehligt Uganda 1898

L'Avance Clifford Moorhouse du Soudan Commande l'Ouganda 1898  Soudan Advance Clifford Moorhouse Officers Uganda 1898 An antique full reverse page print from the Illustrated London News. Data if known in the title. Size of each print is approximately ...

40,40 EUR*
Details Königin-Gartenfest-Buckingham Palace-Porträt-Frau 1896 Clifford Author

Sig.ra 1896 del ritratto del Buckingham Palace del ricevimento all'aperto della regina Clifford Author 1896 Queen Garden Party Buckingham Palace Portrait Mrs Clifford Author Full page and reverse from the Illustrated London News dated 1896, an ...

25,60 EUR*
Details Queens-Gartenfest-Buckingham Palace-Frau Clifford Writer1896

Mme Clifford Writer1896 de Buckingham Palace de Réception en Plein Air de la Reine  Queens Garden Party Buckingham Palace Mrs Clifford Writer1896 An antique full reverse page print from the Illustrated London News. Data if known in the title. Size of ...

27,92 EUR*
Details Clifford & Son

In this lavishly illustrated cookery book, food writer Joe McNamee reintroduces Michael Clifford to a new audience, remembering him for the people who once ate his food and establishing his place in the history of modern Irish cuisine.McNamee examines ...

135,95 EUR*
Details Clifford algebra to geometric calculus: A unified language for mathematics and physics

No Clifford Algebra to Geometric Calculus Read a customer review or write one .

165,84 EUR*
Details Geometric Computing with Clifford Algebras: Theoretical Foundations and Applications in Computer Vision and Robotics

Geometric Computing with Clifford Algebras This monograph-like anthology introduces the concepts and framework of Clifford algebra and provides computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and mathematicians with a rich source of examples of how to ...